Covid-19 safety faq

To ensure that our customers enjoy a safe and effective experience, we have implemented the following:

  • Numerous hand sanitising stations around the building
  • A one-way system to protect staff and customers, and to prevent overcrowding in any one area
  • Pre-booking all centre activity to reduce the number of people at any given time
  • A track and trace system to ensure swift contact in case of Covid-19 contraction
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures after each activity session
  • Signage throughout the centre to inform customers about safe use of the facilities
  • Staff specially trained in Covid-safe practices and procedures

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Our open hours have not changed.  You can check these times over on the OPENING TIMES page:

However, participation in activities in the centre will be limited to the booking times available in the following links:

The facilities that will be available upon re-opening the centre include:

  • Bodyworks Gym
  • Swimming Pool

We will be reviewing the available facilities every three weeks, and will introduce new facilities based on the latest Scottish government guidelines.  

We have introduced a booking system to ensure we remain in compliance with capacity limitations.  All customers will be required to make a pre-arranged booking, up to a week in advance, to access their activity of choice.  

Each booking entitles customers to 60 minutes on site, which includes time for checking in at reception, participating in their chosen activity, and then departing the facilities in a timely manner.  Though we accept cash as payment, we encourage customers to pay over the phone when available.  To protect customers and ensure we maintain maximum use of facilities, customers may only use one activity per booking.  However, customers may make multiple bookings to cover a variety of activities.

Walk-ins – Customers without bookings may be admitted to activities provided:

  • There is space in the desired activity
  • Compliance with the timing of our sessions
  • Register at reception to comply with our track and trace policy

Discounts will not be offered based on remaining time in the session, late arrival, or any other situation outwith our control.

Based on current government guidance on 2-metre social distancing, we have determined that up to 8 customers can use the bodyworks gym safely.

Due to the nature of gym user activity, we cannot guarantee that any given piece of machinery will be accessible at any given time.  

In these unprecedented times, we need help from all of our customers ensuring that we follow new practices and procedures.  Please be courteous and conscious of other gym users, respect personal space and social distancing, and ensure everyone gets fair access to all equipment.

Based on current government guidance on 2-metre social distancing, we have determined that up to 18 customers can use the swimming pool safely.

Additionally, we have designated specific lanes for a variety of levels of swimmers, including:

  • Recreational – For swimmers who want to swim leisurely or at their own pace.  Adults with children also qualify.
  • Fitness – For swimmers focused on an average exercise experience. 
  • Advanced Fitness – For swimmers training competitively or at the highest level.

For safety and capacity purposes, please remain in booked lanes only.  Customers who deviate from this will be asked to exit the pool.

Non members and Fitness Plus members will have equal access to the facilities.

Each booking entitles customers to 60 minutes on site, which includes time for checking in at reception, participating in their chosen activity, and then departing the facilities in a timely manner.  

Customers must check in at reception with each visit to the centre. Please observe all social distancing markers while waiting to check in.  To facilitate a timely and efficient check-in, we ask all customers to come as ready as possible to enjoy their activity of choice. This includes coming dressed, pre-arranging payment separately or paying over the phone when possible, and showering after leaving the centre.

To assist our staff as we work hard to clean all facilities in between bookings, we ask that all customers please depart at the end of their booking, and not loiter in between sessions.

Upon re-opening, the MGC will not initially offer fitness classes.  However, after we have determined that customers and staff are observing new practices appropriately, we can consider introducing fitness classes with reduced numbers.

We would like to make you aware that Scottish government have made it mandatory that face coverings be worn in all indoor public places. It is also mandatory to wear a face covering even if you have been vaccinated.

All customers must wear face masks while checking in and travelling to their booked activities.

Customers will not be required to wear a face mask when exercising in the bodyworks gym or swimming in the pool.

All visitors not participating in an activity avoid remaining on the premises.  The pool viewing gallery and cafe will be closed to the public, and we must limit the number of visitors at reception.  As such, please arrange drop off and pick up appropriately.

We will still accept cash payment in person; however, we strongly encourage customers to make contactless payments, or pay at the time of booking over the phone.

We encourage all customers to come as prepared as possible, as we will only be able to provide limited access to changing facilities.

Customers using the swimming pool will have access to poolside changing cubicles and lockers.  Showers will be unavailable.

Customers using the bodyworks gym will have access to lockers located near the fitness suite, but will be unable to access changing and shower rooms.

We appreciate that the new systems introduced will require adjustment from both staff and customers.  As such, we will operate under a two step non-compliance policy.

Step 1: Upon first instance of non-compliance, customer will be educated on the importance of being Covid-19 compliant.

Step 2: Upon second instance of non-compliance, further failure to follow the rules set out by management may result in restriction of access to the facilities at the duty managers’ discretion.