Mercat Gait Hydrotherapy Pool 2022

After much anticipation, we’re happy to announce that prospective customers may now book our hydrotherapy pool!  We’ve taken this opportunity to refresh our practices and refocus on quality of service.  Therefore, you can look for several changes to the way we deliver this service.


Hydro appointments operate outwith standard building facilities and are privately booked.  Customers may choose to book at their convenience, provided there is availability, or sign an extended let contract for guaranteed, long-term access. 


Each appointment includes 30 minutes total for preparation, and 30 minutes in the water.  Excepting situations that arise due to our error, there are no circumstances in which customers will receive any additional time in the water.

The standard cost for each appointment is £30.00.  The maximum occupancy is 10 people, and the cost is for the session, rather than per person. 


A customer who brings in a medical referral from a GP or physiotherapist on appropriate letterhead can access the hydro at the medical concession rate of £15.00.  This letter will usually contain a recommendation from the medical profession that indicates that the customer would benefit medically from use of the hydrotherapy pool.  Only the let-holder needs to bring this letter, as other visitors will be considered guests.


Please give us a call to check for available days/times as email enquiries may entail delayed responses.